Blanched 5 kg range

The 2 years of COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on our lives. It has left the foodservice sector with fluctuating consumption patterns, a tougher job managing stock, planning demand and an even bigger shortage of qualified employees in the kitchens. But it also taught us the need to live in good physical shape and mindful.  Therefore accelerating the trend for healthy, natural and sustainable foods. ​

The CelaVita blanched product range fits perfect with these latter need of conscious consumers to eat a “least” processed and natural food. Thus to adhere to the changed food landscape in ultra-fresh foods we have adjusted the bag size of our blanched range for the most relevant and used SKU’s in foodservice from 10kg to 5kg. Enabling our customers to better match their requirement in servings with the portions per bag, and reducing waste because of leftovers in the bag.

The new range of blanched products in 5kg bags holds: Whole boiling potatoes, halves, mini parisienne, slices, dices, quarters and wedges.

These products offer convenience in use and stock control versus ware or cold peeled potatoes. With purely ready to cook potatoes in the bag it is the perfect solution for institutional and social catering.

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